Photo Services

Do you have treasured photos that you want to convert to digital?
Do you want to share your old family photos with your kids?
Are you tired of spending minutes at a time scanning each picture individually and cleaning it up?

We offer professional photo scanning services using a Kodak high speed photo scanner. Our system can scan over 50 pictures per minute and performs automatic fade correction and straightening. If your photos have written notes on the back, we can also scan the reverse side at the same time and at no extra charge!

All images are scanned into jpeg format and we can scan then at 300 or 600 dpi, with no difference in cost.

You can give us your photos in either batches or simply bring in a shoebox full of photos. If you have photos in groups or bundles, we will scan them into different folders, but if you have all of them loose (like in a shoebox), we will gladly sort them, dust clean them, then scan them.

If you have your photos in albums, we can separate the photos and scan them, then place them back into the album.
Note: if your photos are in the old style “magnetic” albums that use a glue, we do not recommend they be separated due to the risk of the glue causing damage to the photos. For those, we scan them by page and then separate them into separate digital files after the scan.

If a print is too fragile for our high speed scanner, we will separate those and scan them manually on a flatbed.

Slides and Negatives

We also scan slides and negatives. 35mm, 120, 620, and we can even do some medium format sizes as well.

Photo Printing

We can print your digital photos or recently scanned photos using our dye sublimation printers in 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 sizes. We are also able to print 13×19  on our wide format printer.